These pictures are ones that our photographer put up on her blog. We are still waiting to get our order placed and then back from her so we can’t post any additional pictures from her until we’ve done that. So you’ll just have to put up with the writing on the pictures for now…. 🙂 Enjoy!


Here are some additional pictures….more to follow soon.

The mothers - Lauri and Lynne

The mothers - Lauri and Lynne

on the dock at Lake Macbride

on the dock at Lake Macbride

There will be more pictures available to see soon….but here is the “teaser” picture our photographer put up on her blog the day after the wedding. We’re under an umbrella because it rained almost the entire time we were taking couple pictures. We even thought the ceremony might need to be moved indoors, but just in time the sun came out and gave us a little break that was long enough to fit in the ceremony and to get everyone moved to the reception. Then it really started pouring – a real Iowa storm with lighting and all!

If you took pictures at the wedding we would love to get a CD with the images. Check back in a few days for some more images from the day!

We have decided to have the reception part of our wedding day at Thai Spice restaurant in Iowa City. So we will still be having the wedding ceremony at Lake Macbride State Park – Main Lodge, but will then move back into town for dinner and festivities. So if the day is hot and humid (as we expect) being able to have the party in an air conditioned location will be a relief. We will also avoid some of the bugs!

So still plan on having hot weather attire that will be comfortable to wear outside, but you might want to consider bringing a light covering/sweater to wear if the air-conditioning during dinner is too cold for you.

We’re excited to see you! We have also really appreciated all the words of love and support from those who will not be here with us on August 9th.

We now have a registry at Target. You can search for our list in-person at any store or online by putting in either of our names, date of wedding and location of wedding.

There are several items that do not suit themselves as well to a registry but that would be much appreciated:

– We would like to get new sleeping bags at REI but don’t have a store close by where we can go try them out easily right now. We would be very appreciative of a gift certificate toward this purchase.

– We would like to get more art to put on the walls in our house. We would make good use of gift certificates for this webpage.

– We have also decided we want to collect creative and unique serving platters and bowls. We like to make sushi and could use a platter to serve them nicely and some small dipping plates/bowls. Other types of serving ware would also be appreciated. We have an eclectic taste and so didn’t want to just register for one type of serving tableware.

We hope these ideas are helpful! Please don’t feel you need to get us gifts – all the words of love and support over the past weeks have been greatly appreciated and are a gift in their own right!

Several requests for pictures to be posted here on the blog have come in over the last couple days. We would love to show you what our life here is like and what to expect if you’re coming out for the wedding. So we will try to find some good ones and get them up here for your viewing. We might have somewhat limited “space” on this blog to post pictures, but we’ll see what we can do.

In case you haven’t already seen them you can also look up “Iowa City flood” and “Cedar Rapids flood” on google and see pictures of the recent flooding that occurred in our area.

We have heard from a number of people that it would really be nice if we were registered. We had initially hesitated on doing this because we don’t want any of you to feel obligated to give us gifts. We understand, however, that many people just want to share in the wedding celebration by giving us something special. And it makes it much easier to pick things out if you have some idea of what we like. 🙂 So – we do not yet have the registries ready to post here, but will be working on it. We’ll try to have something posted here by the end of the week so check back!

While we will have an “official” wedding photographer, we would love to have many of our guests bring their cameras and take pictures of the day as it unfolds. We would especially like to receive copies of these pictures in digital form if you wouldn’t mind sharing! Think of it as documenting the wedding from your unique perspective…the first step on your way to a documentary filmmaker career…or just a great way to help us have lots of tangible memories from the day.

So bring those cameras with you on August 9th!

Welcome to our new blog. We’ll be keeping this updated with wedding information from now until August 9th. We will include hotel information, airport information, wedding day details and any other important notes as needed. Please check back regularly between now and the wedding!